Intangible Cultural Heritage and Geoparks

The Geoparks are considered like the “new territories of the XXI century” and are developed, all around the world, under the auspices of UNESCO (UNESCO-Geopark Initiative 2001). A Geopark, should have a geological heritage of an important value and significance.
At the beginning of the Geoparks, one of their promotional "catch line" was: "5 billions years of story of the Earth to serve the future". Today, with the succes of the Geopark process, its seems time that this long story of the Earth meet the story of Humanity and that this
"Memory of the earth" should help to know, promote and protect the more fragile and endangered human heritage which is the Intangible Cultural Heritage.
That's the aim of the Geopark Intangible Cultural Heritage Working Group (GICHWG) !